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Dear visitors and dear customers, unfortunately we are all going through one of the most difficult and sad times in recent history. We feel close especially to those who, as a result of this terrible pandemic, have lost family members, friends or loved ones and virtually gather around the people who are suffering.

Even from an economic point of view, the damage suffered by most people is enormous. We too, in our small way, have had to face many difficulties, but fortunately we are still here, our family is ready to receive guests who want to return to visit our beautiful region.

Obviously we have put in place all the necessary procedures to guarantee our and your safety. Villino del Grillo, by its nature, is completely independent and can only accommodate a family unit, so during your stay, you will never have the opportunity to share places with other guests.

It is advised that all members of the Pierantozzi family are vaccinated against Covid-19

Covid-19 emergency - recommendations for guests of Villino del Grillo

Dear guests.

First of all, thank you for choosing the Villino del Grillo.

The entire structure has been carefully cleaned and disinfected according to the current provisions of the Ministry of Health, regarding the Coronavirus emergency (Covid-19).

Inside the premises of the Villino del Grillo, guests have access to disinfectant gel.

To avoid interpersonal contacts as much as possible, we kindly ask our guests to send us, before check-in, by email or WhatsApp, their personal details and the details of identity documents, necessary for communication to the Public Security authority.

We remind our guests that the current legislation of the Tuscany Region, for the Coronavirus emergency, provides for the mandatory use of the mask always in closed places, while the obligation applies to outdoor places only if it is possible to keep the distance from other people by at least 1.50 meters. This rule does not apply to members of the same household.

The owners of the Villino del Grillo will ensure maximum attention to safety standards.

Upon check-in, guests will be given:

the keys of the cottage, the remote control of the automatic gate, the remote controls of the air conditioners and the remote controls of the TV, inside an envelope and previously disinfected;

a short handbook with the main instructions and warnings of the Villino del Grillo;

a self-certification, as required by the current regional legislation for the Covid-19 emergency, which must be viewed and signed by each guest at the time of check-in. On the aforementioned self-certification, the guest, in order to be authorized to access the facility, must declare that he does not blame the symptoms attributable to Covid-19 (temperature rise over 37.5 and respiratory problems); not to be currently subject to the measure of quarantine or fiduciary isolation with health surveillance pursuant to the legislation in force; not to be positive for Covid-19; not to be waiting for the outcome of a swab to check the positivity at Covid-19; that he did not stay in the Covid-19 risk countries, according to the indications of the World Health Organization and that he did not have contact with people who tested positive for Covid-19.

The owners of Villino del Grillo remain available for any further needs and information, specifying that H24 will be available, for any need or emergency.

The Villino del Grillo.










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